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Welcome to Computer Science & Engg. Department

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Lecture Halls

There are Eight fully Air Conditioned lecture halls each of which can accommodate 70 students. Lecture Hall and rooms are spacious architecturally and aesthetically well designed and are well ventilated. The furniture in the rooms is economically designed for comfort sitting of the students and each faculty member has the facilities necessary for addressing a large audience. In addition, each Lecture Hall is equipped with specialized teaching aids such as Projectors, sound systems and White boards. These Lecture Halls, therefore, make classroom teaching and learning an enjoyable and fruitful experience for the students as well as faculty members. Display boards have been put up in all the lecture halls, which serve as platforms for encouraging creativity and increasing awareness among the students.

Tutorial Room

Four tutorial rooms with a capacity of 30 students each have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of a smaller class. These are specifically meant to increase student faculty interaction, and aid help during problem solving exercises. Again, All tutorial rooms are air conditioned, so that the students can concentrate on their studies in a relaxed atmosphere.

Computer Lab Facilities

Computer Lab 1: Project Lab

Project lab has 21 HCL systems. The systems are connected through LAN with one online UPS for constant uninterruptable power backup. In this Lab the students of 5th , 7th and 8th semester do their Minor and Major Projects under the guidance of their concerned Project In-charge using different languages and platforms. The students work in the areas like image processing, NLP, Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Data ware housing, Multimedia, Java , .NET platform etc.

Computer Lab 2: Database Lab

This lab is extensively used by the students for exploring each and every aspect of Database Management System (DBMS). This lab consists the software’s like MY SQL Version 5 , Turbo “C” and MS Office. The students are provided hands on training in the areas of Database Management System (DBMS) Lab, Engineering Computational Methods (ECM) and Data Structure (DS). The Lab is equipped with 30 HCL computers of latest configuration and has its own separate virtual LAN.

Computer Lab 3: Internet Lab

This lab is established for the purpose of providing the internet surfing facility for the students, it is open 24x7. The students also have been provided the Wi-Fi facility. The Lab consists of 80 terminals connected with the internet bandwidth of 16 Mbps.

Computer Lab 4: Programming Lab

Programming lab is used to inculcate programming skills among the students. This lab is helping them to specialize in their concerned subjects. Programming lab is equipped with 30 HCL Systems with online UPS providing power backup in case of power failure. This lab is meant for conducting labs mainly for programming languages like VB.Net, Sql Server Enterprise, Java, C, C++, Graphics in C & Mini projects.

Computer Lab 5: Operating Systems Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL systems for the students. This lab is used to provide students exposure in the areas of Operating Systems & Systems Development. The students are taught Unix, Red Hat Linux, Ms-Windows operating systems besides courses on Data Structures etc.

Computer Lab 6: Basic Computing Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest computer systems for the students to discuss each and every aspect of basic computer system. It is used extensively by students for learning of foundation of information technology like MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT and MS-ACCESS. It is also used for programming using "C". This lab is well equipped with all aspects of the students of the students of B. Tech. The total number of systems in the lab is 30 with online back up.

Computer Lab 7: P.C. Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL systems Computer systems for the students. This lab is very important for the students as it provides the full knowledge about the Personal Computer. Students studies the each hardware part of the computer, how to assemble a Personal Computer, installing an Operating System and Troubleshooting a hardware.

Computer Lab 8: Multimedia Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL systems Computer systems for the students. In Multimedia Technologies Lab, students perform various programs related to images, sound and video design & developement. Students perform animation techniques like morphing, reflection and create multimedia files using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash Professional. The students are learnt Flash and PhotoShop with practical sessions.

Computer Lab 9: Computer Network Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL systems Computer systems for the students. Computer Network Programming Lab consists of various protocols and making students understand the concepts of making socket connection, client server connection. LAN connection is established by using the wires as well as commands. Various commands such as PING,TRACERT are used as well.

Computer Lab 10: Visual Programming Lab

This lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL systems Computer systems for the students. Visual Programming Lab basically covers two languages Visual C++ and Visual Basic Microsoft . This lab helps in GUI Designing.

Computer Lab 11: Neural Network Lab

This lab is specially designed for M.Tech. student and research purposes . This Lab is well equipped with the latest 30 HCL Computer systems . MATLAB software is used in the Lab . This lab is very helpful for those faculty and students interested in further research .